Mission & Pledge


本會專注提供會員準確和及時的商業、科技與製造信息, 並作為會員交流及創造商機的平台。會員致力香港電子與科技之發展, 宏揚創業精神、精益求精, 以助業界提升競爭力及生產力。



為達致本會的宗旨, 執行委員會承諾:

1. 組織定期交流聚餐或貿易配對。

2. 舉辦資訊及通訊科技、綠色製造、科技及能源效益、生態設計、先進製造技術、嵌入式軟件等講座和會議。

3. 組團考察世界級先進廠商。

4. 致力尋找對本港業界有利及合適的科技轉移。

5. 保持與政府相關部門、院校、科研所的緊密聯繫, 向政府相關部門申請「有關項目」的調研經費, 從而提升本港電子業的技術水平。




The Association aims to provide accurate and current business, technologies and manufacturing information to members and to act as a platform to foster friendship and business synergies.


Members strive to act as a team committed to the growth of the electronics and technologies in Hong Kong and to promote entrepreneurship and help local electronic businesspeople upgrade and grow.


To achieve our mission, the Executive Committee members pledge:


1. Organize network/business-matching dinner party regularly.


2. Host seminars/symposiums on: ICT, Green Manufacturing, Technology & Energy Efficiency, Eco-design, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Embedded Software etc.


3. Conduct study mission to world-class manufacturers.


4. Form business excursions to explore advantageous and suitable technology transfers to upgrade local manufacturers.


5. Maintain close ties with relevant government offices, local universities and research institutes. Apply for government funds to finance projects that may equip local electronics industry with the latest technologies and know-how.