Investor & Government Funding Sub-com

Mr Arne Li

Investor & Government Funding Chairman


We aim to introduce more investor orientation and more government-funded consultation to members so that members can recognize and understand their needs more effectively, thereby helping members find suitable ways to expand their businesses faster.


1. Business funding programs: The commissioner assists in proposing business funding programs designed to support and promote business development. These funding programs may include providing financial support, capital injection, technical support, and training to help companies expand their businesses, innovate, and improve their competitiveness.


2. Investment development plan: Members assist in proposing exchange plans between enterprises and investment institutions. This program aims to support companies in understanding the investment direction of investment companies, thereby understanding seed rounds, angel rounds, etc., helping companies understand their own business, and also improving competitive productivity for companies.


3. Technology transfer and cooperation: Committee members assist in promoting technology transfer and cooperation projects and promote cooperation and knowledge sharing between enterprises. They can assist enterprises in finding technology partners, promote technology transfer and commercialization, and promote innovation and technological progress.


4. Network and resources: Committee members assist in providing contacts and resources to support cooperation and exchanges between enterprises. They can organize business events, seminars, and exhibitions, providing a platform for companies to establish business contacts and find cooperation opportunities.


Arne LI

Investor and Government Funding Sub-Com Chair