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June 2022 Networking Sharing (Online)

Theme: “Can Innovation & Technology be Food? 創新及科技可以吃嗎?”

Date: 24 Jun 2022 (Fri)
Time: 7:00pm

Programme includes:

Talk 1: “素食與糧食危機的關係” – by Ms Kitty Chan, founder of Veg Girl Club

[BIO] Veg Girl Club 由素食部落客菜菜子 (@misskitb) 於2022年創立,旨在為年輕女性素食者提供分享交流平台,輕鬆學習素食、養生以至扮靚等生活知識,一齊開心享受素食生活。

Talk 2: “一個香港仔的故事” – by Jason Chai, Director of Applause (Food Industry)

Talk 3: “不同功能性塑料技術在食品包裝的應用” – by Dr Shawn Tang & Ms Yvonne Chen of Nano & Advanced Materials Institute

[Abstract] Clean, Safe, Transparent, and Green food packaging materials technology

Although the consumer pressure to end plastic packaging keeps growing, plastic remains the most effective material in many circumstances – for example, longer storage time to reduce food waste and transparency in seeing through the fresh food inside.

Contamination and spoilage originate from bacteria, oxygen, and water vapor and may take place at any step in the supply chain, leading to food waste and health concerns.  This seminar will showcase NAMI’s innovative solutions to food safety and preservation targeting these three factors. 

  • NAMI’s anti-fouling Germ-Spike technology
  • NAMI’s oxygen and water vapor barrier technology

To overcome the fogging problem on transparent plastic wrapping materials caused by the water vapor,  NAMI has developed a build-in anti-fog technology to provide a durable and washable anti-fog function to packaging material with a continuous production method. It will bring a low-cost antifogging solution to the food packaging industry.

NAMI has also developed bio.pellets to make conventional PP and PE material environmentally degradable according to industrial standards. Compared to commercial bio-sourced plastics it offers a green and affordable solution to the packaging industry which can fulfill existing industrial plastic degradation standards.

同場加映, EC分享:

“To Improve Spoken English for Primary School Students with AI” – by Mr Eric Poon, MD of Lango Innovation Ltd.

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