Dr Teresa Law

Deputy Chairman, Activities & Events Sub-com Chairman and Innovation & Technology Sub-com Chairman常務副主席兼活動委員會及創新科技委員會主席


Dr Teresa Law   羅瑞真博士

Dr. Teresa LAW, Akos Advanced Technology Limited

  • Graduated from HKUST as a PhD in Chemistry (major in Nano & Advanced Materials synthesize and application) [Year 2001] ; MPhil in Chemistry (major in Polymer and Materials Science) [Year 1997]
  • Nano-Science Technologist; Director and founder of Akos Advanced Technology Limited since 2002
  • EC member of the Hong Kong Electronics and Technologies Association, since 2009
  • Vetting Committee, Panel Assessor of SERAP, Innovation and Technology Commission, the government of Hong Kong SAR, since 2009
  • Appeal Board Panel, Town Planning, the government of Hong Kong SAR, since 2012