Activity and Event Sub-com

Ms Miranda Wong
Activity & Event Sub-com Chairman

To provide platform to foster friendship and exchange of business and technology ideas, Activities and Event Sub-committee arranges various events.  For example, networking dinners are held regularly in the last Friday night of each month, in which prominent speakers are invited from field of technology, research and academics to share their valuable experiences and expertise.

I am Miranda Wong, with two decades of expertise in change management and a strategic partnership with the HKTDC, adept at leading organizations through growth and adaptation.

In my role as the Activity & Event Sub-com for the Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association (HKETA), my commitment is to redefine the landscape of our events and community involvement. It is my goal to infuse our programming with groundbreaking and creative practices, expanding the association’s influence and extending its network through meticulously curated talks, engaging events, and interactive forums.

I am focused on establishing a culture of collaboration that transcends the boundaries of individual industries. By carefully planning and executing strategic events and initiatives, I aim to build bridges between sectors, aligning the HKETA with key partners in healthcare, sports, education, and urban development. The vision is to create a fertile environment for innovation, where these intersections become a conduit for new business opportunities, joint ventures, and shared advancements in technology.

Each collaboration is thoughtfully orchestrated to not only align with the HKETA’s growth objectives but also to ensure that each industry can leverage technological insights for practical applications. The resulting synergy from these partnerships is intended to spark a wave of innovation, pushing the envelope of what’s possible and setting the stage for the next generation of technological breakthroughs under the auspices of HKETA.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to such an exciting and pivotal chapter in our story.

Miranda Wong

Activity & Event Sub-com Chair