Mentorship Service Program


The program is customized for different youth members requirement and closely monitoring and supporting through their career development.   The mentors and advisors are primarily for supporting and mentoring our youth members with own start-ups or other technology start-ups in early stage.


Incorporated with other Youth events and entrepreneurial activity activities such as Youth Forum and other workshops, Our team provide a more extensive mentoring service and professional training to help students for entrepreneurial learning, startup creation, business direction and commercialization process for technology market.  The programs are also supported by our industry and international partners. 



Industry & Educational Partners


Youth is supported by local & overseas universities, and other industry & educational associations.   We co-organize and develop industry activities and networking events for young student and professional with our partners.  We are also supported by some local enterprises, corporations and global technology manafacturers to work with student internship and industry trial projects in order to provide young professional on-job training and experience in the tech market.   Our partners include Academic and Professional Institutions, local or overseas R&D Centres and Hong Kong Science Parks, Local Enterprises & Corporations, Global Corporations, Venture Capital, Legal Firms and etc.





Supporting Facility


Our HKETA Youth is supported by local industrial corporations and other global technology manufacturers to provide engineering service and technocal consultation to our student members and startups of our young corporate members when they design their products and accelerate the development cycle specially in the commercialization process.


Our Youth team make partnership with other industry assoications or international corporations to utilize the supporting facility together with our Youth Forum (YF) and Mentorship Service Program (MSP) to strengthen our our youth members’ engineering capability and leverage engineering resources.  It also help us to nurture young professional in local Universities for enhancing any electronics, robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) design projects in industrial level.  We co-operate with the following corporations as our supporting and industry partners.