Youth Introduction
Under local environment change and world-wide market competition for technologies industry, it has already been transforming into a knowledge economy with a global competition situation.  Our industries in Hong Kong, such as finance, logistic, electronics Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have been integrated and inter-connected to a global network. Most of electronic products, network communication services and Internet network applications have been merged and integrated under a fast changing, innovative market and making competitive in the world
Therefore, an innovative platform, global business connectivity and open technology environment have to be developed for our young professional and encourage them to be initiative, innovative, and creativity people to tackle a diverse range of challenges and make contributions in a fast-moving technology environment.
HKETA established a new sub-committee, Youth Sub-com (YS) in early 2014 and our primary objective is to develop the career development, professional training and drive the synergy for the young people continuing to passion on the technology market. Our Youth will address:
  • Focus on youth career development, professional knowledge and core competence in our industry.
  • Liaise with Universities and youth associations for generating more workshops, technology update or seminars, and activities to help young people to get into the tech market.  
  • Gather young engineers for technology exchange and sharpen their capability in the market with our membership associate and expertise.
  • Make continuous career development and professional mentoring for young engineers as future entrepreneurs.
  • Inspire young professional to recognize and increase their profession to achieve a full potential membership in our association.
Our Youth targets the following industries in Hong Kong:
  • Electronics Hardware and Software Application Development
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and Internet Network Applications
  • System & Robotic Design, Automation and Manufacturing
  • Network Infrastructure, Integration and Application