Megasoft shines as one of Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies 2015


[Hong Kong] - November 13 - Megasoft Limited is recognised as one of the “Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies”, by the publisher of the city’s most well received business annual, the Mediazone Group.

Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies Awards honour industry-leading companies known for their commitment to industry, quality and reliability, adding value to their markets.

Pioneers in their industry, Megasoft not only encourages and fosters the development of RFID technology, but continuously inspires and enlightens customers with creativity and innovation, completely revolutionizing the competitive landscape of the luxury retail industry.

About Megasoft Limited

Myndar, a registered brand name under Megasoft Limited, offers unique IoT solutions for luxury retail infrastructure. Myndar revolutionised how the retail environment operates and offers a new dimension and holistic view to big data and business analytics.