HKETA Youth Joined NICE K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference with SJSU


Our HKETA Youth Member, Mr. Calvin Kam presented together with Dr. Alan Wong, Director, Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies (SVCGS), San Jose State University, at NICE k12 cybersecurity education conference on Dec 8 3PM (US time).  Most attendants are from K12 education backgrounds and over 100 participants joined his session.  


SVCGS collaborates with HKETA to incorporate cybersecurity awareness concepts into “Innovate For Future”, a smart-city themed competition targeting K-12 students in this “FinTech Hub” city.  Participants are coached in cybersecurity awareness and incorporate such concepts into their innovative entries. Our IFF2020 competition will involve prototyping, such as computer vision and artificial intelligence applications.  The co-presenter described the incorporation of cyber awareness into the ideation and technical training workshops.


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