NOV 2019 Networking Dinner


The last networking dinner in 2019 was completed. Thanks for the support of members and friends in the year 2019. Wish you all the best and see you in the year 2020!!!


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Theme:  Leading Technologies in the New Space Era


Date:  29 Nov 2019 (Fri)
Time:  7:15pm - 9:30pm
Venue:  Happiness Cuisine, 1/F Core Building 2, Science Park, Shatin, N.T.


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Dinner cost: Pay onsite: HK$300 member | HK$350 non-member

Pay by FPS (SCB Fast Payment Services) before 6pm on 28 Nov: HK$280 member | HK$330 non-member


HKETA FPS Identifier ID: 3933207

Bank: Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd

Account Name: Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Assn Ltd




7:15 pm           Registration and networking

7:30 pm           Welcome speech by HKETA Chairman Mr Victor Choi

7:35 pm           Dinner starts



7:45pm                Talk 1: Highlight & Summary of works by HKETA 2018 to 2019

by Mr Victor Choi, Chairman of HKETA



8:05pm                Talk 2: NewSpace Era (Space 2.0)

by Dr. Stephen Cheung


[Bio] Dr. Stephen W. Cheung is VP with a private group in the Silicon Valley.  He is a frequent speaker for HKETA and other events.
Educated in the US, his career began as a research scientist at Stanford University and later with Varian Medical Systems on radiation therapy systems—use of X-rays to treat cancers.  From 2007 to 2013, he was Director of Microwave Systems at Accuray Inc., a Silicon Valley company using robots to deliver radiation therapy. He was also principal investigator of special projects funded by the Dept. of Homeland Security, which resulted in a national award to Accuray in 2013. He holds 5 US patents and is author of two books in microwave technology.

Dr. Cheung worked in Hong Kong from mid-1990s to mid-2000s. He was general manager of the Electronics Division at the Hong Kong Productivity Council and later VP of a consumer electronics manufacturer overseeing new products.  He was consultant for the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park working in the US in 2017.



8:25pm                Talk3: You are throwing away money and I want you to stop, Industry 4.0

by Mr Alain Garner MSc - Founder of Cassandra (Owned by The Cogobuy Group)


[Abstract] 86 percent of all maintenance is scheduled Unnecessarily or too late. Cassandra in Greek mythology could tell the future but was cursed with an inability to tell anyone her predictions.  Today that changes, Cassandra owned by the Cogobuy Group can not only determine not if your machines are going to fail but when through ultrasonic Senses to predict the unpredictable.

Cassandra pays for itself: We predict when your machines and moving parts will fail preventing unplanned outages using our proprietary Deep Learning & Big Data, giving you actionable operation based cost / performance analysis


[Bio] Born in Surrey, England and educated at boarding school in the United States, I currently hold a UK Masters Degree in Business Management and work experience in Europe, North America and the Far East allowing me to see the world in a wider context which in turn provides me with an invaluable perspective on international business.

I am a very progressive and pragmatic person, I love investigating the possibilities surrounding new ideas and the economic potential they can hold. Business has always been an interest of mine since a very young age through developing and implementing entrepreneurial ideas to facilitate gaps in the market. 

Coming from a technology background I have been following a multiplicity of tech and disruptive companies evolution from both the financial and technical perspectives. I am always looking at the future for new ideas, looking not so much at the market size today but rather the potential market, who is the concept targeting and are there sufficiently compelling reasons to create engagement and revenue generation.

I have extensive Project Management experience for both clients and C level managers across Corporate Strategy, Management Consultancy and Marketing Communications with a particular an emphasis on how these techniques are used to visually communicate corporate and commercial messages clearly and succinctly.


9:25 pm       Dinner and networking

9:30 pm        End of the event




  Company Name Name Business Nature
1 HKETA Ms Eva Yeung Admin Executive
2   Dr Stephen Cheung Speaker
3 Ackuis Technology Mr George Kui Manufacturing Technology
4 ALP Creation Ms Connie Wong Design
5 Blueinno Technology Ms Monica Leung Technology Education
6 Cassandra Mr Alain Garner Speaker
7 Cassandra Mr Owen Chiu Predictive maintenance
8 Chester Chu & Associates Ltd Mr Chester Chu  
9 Cyber Age Ltd Mr Sunny Wong  
10 Energy Savings Mr Charles Lau LED research and development
11 Full Charter Mr Benny Lo Exhibition
12 Green Breeze Ltd Dr Teresa Law Green Technology
13 HID Global Mr George Wong IT (Trusted Identities)
14 HKETA Ir Victor Ng Honorary Chairman
15 HKETA Mr Victor Choi Chairman
16 HKETA Mr KK Hau HonoraryTreasurer
17 HKETA Mr Derek Lee Youth
18 HKETA Mr Benny Cheung Youth Member
19 Integration-Linkage Mr Myron Kwan Embedded System
20 K. Science Dr KK Chan  
21 King's Optical Mr Wilson Au Optical
22 L Concept Communications Ms Katie Lam PR & Marketing
23 Mega Business Int'l Mr Anthony Chan  
24 Megasoft Dr Matthew Man IoT R&D
25 Micom Tech Mr Manuel Kwong IoT and Embedded System
26 Minilogic Device Mr Stapler Li IC Design
27 Remotec Technology Mr Daniel Chun Technology solutions provider
28 Ricacorp Mr Dennis Tam Property
29 Rohde & Schwarz HK Mr Hoilung Wang Wireless Communication
30 Rohde & Schwarz HK Mr Neville Ngai Wireless Communication
31 Talent Asia Ms Samantha Yeung  
32 實踐家 Ms Fanny Wong  
33 實踐家 Mr Boaz Ho