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BEC EnviroSeries Conference (14 November 2019)


BEC EnviroSeries Conference (14 November 2019)

The upcoming BEC EnviroSeries conference with the theme of “Urban Transport of Tomorrow: Policies, People and Business Opportunities”, which will be held on 14 November 2019 (Thursday) at The Mira Hong Kong.


Hong Kong’s transport system is regarded internationally for its efficiency, reliability and diversity. Over 90% of our daily passenger journeys are completed on a public transport system that features railway as the backbone supported by other modes including buses, minibuses, taxis, ferries and trams. As Hong Kong embarks on a decarbonisation journey with the transport sector being an important part of it, now is the opportunity to re-think and re-engineer a transport system that delivers Hong Kong’s vision as a smart, sustainable, and resilient city: one that is low-carbon, people-centric, futuristic, while remaining efficient, reliable, safe and affordable.


This Conference aims to (a) envision an urban transport system of tomorrow that would enable a carbon neutral, people-centric and sustainable living environment in Hong Kong, and (b) demonstrate business leadership and identify opportunities in technology and innovation that would contribute to the development of such urban transport system. (Click HERE to view the programme)


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