MAR Networking Dinner 29 Mar Friday, 2019


Around 60 members and friends joined our March Networking Dinner at IVE (Shatin). Among the guests, some were Youth members and IVE Students. The young generation has a good sharing with industry fellows. Hope more and more young generation will join our networking dinners to exchange and explore the knowledge with our members.


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7:15 pm           Registration and networking

7:30 pm           Welcome speech by HKETA Chairman Mr Victor Choi

7:35 pm           Dinner starts


8:15 pm           Talk 1: An Overview of the Cold Fusion Story

by Dr. Stephen Cheung, Researcher in Silicon Valley

In March 1989, electrochemists Martin Fleischmann and Stan Pons announced their discovery of unaccounted power, which they claimed might come from cold nuclear fusion. The Cold Fusion (CF) quickly gained worldwide attention but was soon attacked as poor science as many others failed to replicate the results to observe extra power.  Investigations have continued into the 1990s till now but CF has been kept out of mainstream sciences.  CF is now more appropriately termed Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR).  Potential applications have enormous impacts to society.

This talk gives an overview of this subject but no position will be taken.


Dr. Stephen W. Cheung is VP with a private group in the Silicon Valley.  He is a frequent speaker for HKETA and other events.
Educated in the US, his career began as a research scientist at Stanford University and later with Varian Medical Systems on radiation therapy systems—use of X-rays to treat cancers.  From 2007 to 2013, he was Director of Microwave Systems at Accuray Inc., a Silicon Valley company using robots to deliver radiation therapy. He was also principal investigator of special projects funded by the Dept. of Homeland Security, which resulted in a national award to Accuray in 2013. He holds 5 US patents and is author of two books in microwave technology.

Dr. Cheung worked in Hong Kong from mid-1990s to mid-2000s. He was general manager of the Electronics Division at the Hong Kong Productivity Council and later VP of a consumer electronics manufacturer overseeing new products.  He was consultant for the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park working in the US in 2017.



8:30pm            Talk 2:  Automotive LED Lighting Driver Design Challenges

by Mr David Ng, Director of Prospect Technology Development Ltd (PTD)


Generally, LED driver controls power supply to the lighting module. The LED driving IC converts the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED light-emitting voltage converter. This talk introduces the knowledge of LED driver IC requirement for automotive lighting usage. 



8:45 pm           Talk 3: Adopting AI in the Enterprise

by Mr Samuel Lo, General Manager of NVIDIA AI Technology Center, Hong Kong and Macau


AI doesn’t stand still. It’s a living, changing entity that powers change throughout every industry across the globe. As it evolves, so do we all. From the visionaries, healers, and navigators to the creators, protectors, and teachers. It’s what drives us today. And what comes next.




9:25 pm       Dinner and networking

9:30 pm        End of the event




  Company Name Name Business Nature
1 HKETA Ms Eva Yeung Admin Executive
2   Dr Stephen Cheung Speaker
3 Ackuis Technology Mr George Kui Manufacturing Technology
4 Ackuis Guest Ms Irene So  
5 Ackuis Guest Mr Terrence Wong  
6 Ackuis Guest Mr Chris Cheh  
7 Ackuis Guest Mr Payton Lee  
8 Ackuis Guest Mr Alan Lee  
9 Ackuis Guest Ms Chris Yiu  
10 Ackuis Guest Mr Victor Ho  
11 Ackuis Guest Mr Ray Yip  
12 Ackuis Guest Ms Jean zee  
13 Ackuis Guest Mr William Ng  
14 Ackuis Guest Mr Kenneth Fan  
15 Action Max Mr Peter Tam Retail and Cosmetics
16 Akos Advanced Dr Teresa Law Green Technology
17 ALP Creation Ms Connie Wong Design
18 Armitage Technologies Mr Alvin Lee IT
19 Blueinno Technology Ms Monica Leung Technology Education
20 Cell Technology Mr Derek Lee Network & Security
21 CISCO Ms Amanda Lee Information Technology
22 Concord Mr Lawrence Li Advanced Manufacturing
23 D. Mondo Ltd Samson Yu Interior design
24 Eagle IP Limited Dr Jacqueline Lui Intellectual Property
25 Ferguson Int'l Freight Dr Stephen Ho Shipping & Int'l Logistics
26 Full Charter Mr Benny Lo Exhibition
27 HealthLoc Ms Alice Wong Healthcare
28 HKETA Mr Victor Choi Chairman
29 HKETA Mr KK Hau HonoraryTreasurer
30 HKPC Dr Angus Ho Digit Transformation
31 HKPC Mr Derek Poon Training
32 HKCU/ CS Student Mr Calvin Kam HKETA Youth Member
33 HKU/EEE Mr Ben Cheung HKETA Youth Member
34 HKUST/Biotech Ms Rachel Lam HKETA Youth Member
35 HKUST/ Science School Mr Chih-yu Lee HKUST student
36 iSolution Technologies Mr Wun Suen Product Design
37 iSolution Guest Mr Elvis Wong  
38 iSolution Guest Mr Law  
39 IVE Shatin Dr Y.H. Shum Education Institutions
40 IVE Shatin Dr Simon Shum Education Institutions
41 IVE Shatin   Student
42 IVE Shatin   Student
43 IVE Shatin   Student
44 IVE Shatin   Student
45 IVE Shatin   Student
46 Kowloon Technical School Mr Hui Yee Kwok Information Technology
47 Mobicon Mr Marcel Cheung Information Technology
48 Newpire Ltd Mr Dominic Lee Information Technology
49 NVIDIA Mr Samuel Lo Speaker
50 PTD Mr David Ng Speaker
51 Surface Mount Prof Kei Biu Chan Manufacturing
52 TQM Consultants Ir Dr Aaron Tong Technology Consulting
53 Welfare Electronic Mr Rick Cheung Distributor for ELV, Test & Measurement
54 Welfare Electronic Mr Peter Lam Distributor for ELV, Test & Measurement
55 Ztore Ms Rachel Cheng HKETA Youth Member