HKETA Spring Networking Dinner


Around 60 members and friends joined our Spring Networking Dinner. It's a good start of the Year of PIG! Wish everyone has a prosperous year of PIG! 







7:15 pm           Registration and networking

7:30 pm           Welcome speech by HKETA Chairman Mr Victor Choi

7:35 pm           Dinner starts


8:15 pm           Talk 1: "營商有道 - 「四書」帶給企業家的啓示"

by Kenneth So, HKETA Honorary Advisor

8: 30pm         Talk 2: Pepper, the Best Companion for the Elderly

By Mr Samuel Wong, Director, Win Win Industrial Company Limited (Technology Partner of SoftBank Robotics)


8:45pm           Talk 3: LSCM Gerontech and their commercialization

by Tony Kwok & Chris Tong, LSCM


9:25 pm       Dinner and networking

9:30 pm        End of the event








  Company Name Name Business Nature
1 HKETA Ms Eva Yeung Admin Executive
2 AA Solution Mr Alan Yeung Electronic Components
3 Ackuis Technology Mr George Kui Manufacturing Technology
4 Ackuis Guest Ms Irene So  
5 Ackuis Guest Mr Terrence Wong  
6 Ackuis Guest Mr Chris Chen  
7 Ackuis Guest Ms Joey Chung  
8 Akos Advanced Dr Teresa Law Green Technology
9 Akos Guest Mrs Kenneth So  
10 ALP Creation Ms Connie Wong Design
11 AMASIC Design Mr Tat Wah Chan Semiconductor
12 ASTRI / HKETA Honorary Chairman Mr M Y Wong Research & Development
14 HKETA Mr Derek Lee Youth
15 Concord Mr Lawrence Li Advanced Manufacturing
16 Contex Digital Mr Danny Lau Digital Signage
17 D. Mondo Ltd Mr Samson Yu Interior Design
18 Full Charter Mr Benny Lo Exhibition
19 FundPark Mr Rax Lau Invoice financing for SMEs
20 HealthLoc Ms Alice Wong Healthcare
21 HKETA Honorary Advisor Mr Kenneth So Speaker
22 HKETA Mr Victor Choi Chairman
23 HKETA Mr KK Hau EC Member
24 HKETA Ir Victor Ng Honorary Chairman
25 IngDan Technology Ms Novam Ng AI and IOT Platform
26 ISIA Mr CW Kong Association
27 iSolution Technologies Mr Wun Suen Product Design
28 Legislative Councillor Hon Charles Mok  
29 LSCM Mr Tony Kwok Speaker
30 LSCM Mr Chris Tong speaker
31 LSCM Mr Simon Wong R&D Center
32 LSCM Mr David Leung R&D Center
33 LSCM Guest/ Caretech Mr Pierre To  
34 LSCM Guest/ Caretech Mr Thomas Leung  
35 LSCM Guest/ Social Career Mr Matthew Tam  
36 Marvel Digital Limited Mr KK Pong  
37 Megasoft Dr Matthew Man IoT R&D
38 Micom Tech Mr Manuel Kwong IoT and Embedded System
39 Minilogic Device Mr Stapler Li IC Design
40 Misu Technologies Ms Lamyuk Wong Senior Tech
41 Ray Electronics Mr Cyril Kan Electronic Technology
42 Remotec Technology Mr Daniel Chun Technology solutions provider
43 Remotec Guest Ms Jumie Ko  
44 Sanwa Biotech Mr William Yim Bio Technology
45 Sanwa Technologies Ms Bebe Chu Bio Technology
46 Sanwa Technologies Mr Alvis Yim Technologies
47 Sanwa Technologies Mr Alaric Yim Technologies
48 Sanwa Guest Mr Alex Lo  
49 Sanwa Guest Mrs Alex Lo  
50 Scanwell Mr Irvin Tse Business or Industrial Support
51 SunRaydiant Mr Raymond Li Smart Home Solutions
52 SunRaydiant Mr Alex Fung Smart Home Solutions
53 TQM Consultants Ir Dr Aaron Tong Technology Consulting
54 Union Medical Healthcare Ms Maggie Man Medical
55 VAT IT (HK) Ltd. Ms Kathy Man Overseas VAT refund service
56 Win Win Industrial Mr Samuel Wong Speaker
57 Win Win Industrial Mr Joe Li  
58 Ztore Ms Rachel Cheng YS/Young Member