Mini Showcase cum AUGUST Networking Dinner


Thanks for all the members and friends joining our Aug networking dinner cum mini showcase. We are pleased to announce that we have record breaking ~12 tables of guests attended the dinner with 8 exhibitors. Our guests enjoy the show as well as the food. Hope to see you in the our next networking dinner!


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Date:  August 31, 2018 (Friday)

Venue: Happiness Cuisine, 1/F Core Building 2, Science Park, Shatin, N.T.

Time: 6:15pm - 10:00pm



Program rundown:

5:45pm booth setup for exhibitors

6:15pm Showcase starts

7:15pm registration + networking + showcase

7:30pm:  Welcome speech by Chairman of HKETA Mr Victor Choi

7:35pm:  Dinner starts

8:00pm  Presentation by each booth representative

9:30pm  Showcase (2nd session) and networking

10:00pm  Program ends


Delicious Menu





  Company Name Name Business Nature Booth Showcase Product
1 000 HKETA Ms Eva Yeung Admin Executive    
2 2C2P Mr Calvin Chau Payment / Fintech    
3 Abas Business Mr Gary Yu Software Technology    
4 ABC Engineering Mr Franklin Chan Engineering    
5 Ackuis Technology Mr George Kui Manufacturing Technology    
6 Akos Advanced Mr George Chan Green Technology    
7 ALP CREATION Ms Connie Wong Design Booth 1 Design, Gifts & Premium
8 ALP CREATION Ms Apple Tong Design    
9 ALP CREATION Mr Daniel Lam Design    
10 ALP CREATION Ms Angie Chan Design    
11 Guest of ALP CREATION Mr Alvin Luk      
12 Guest of ALP CREATION Ms Yung Yung      
13 ALP CREATION Ms Chloe Yeung Design    
14 ALP CREATION Ms Mabel Cheung Design    
15 Aplus Creation Ltd Ms Nicole Chan Design    
16 Asia Television (ATV) Mr Jeffrey Cheung Media    
17 Asia Tiger Media Mr Tiger Chan Video production    
18 Belun Ring Dr Ryan Cheung Healthcare    
19 BFU Technology Ltd Mr John Mak Seatalkie watersport walkie talkie    
20 BISA Technologies Mr York Hwe IOT/RFID solutions Booth 2 PECG
21 BISA Technologies Mr Alfred Lam IOT/RFID solutions    
22 BISA Technologies Mr Allan Hui IOT/RFID solutions    
23 BISA Technologies Mr William Lian IOT/RFID solutions    
24 Guest of BISA Ms Irene So      
25 Guest of BISA Ms Joy Tai      
26 Guest of BISA Mr William Ng      
27 Guest of BISA Mr Peter Tam      
28 BuildeCO Mr Kevin Kong Cycling for Chain Store    
29 Cheng & Cheng Taxation Mr Henry Kwong Business or Industrial support    
30 Citroen Mr Vincent Kwan Motor Vehicle    
31 Citroen Mr Erik Leung Motor Vehicle    
32 CLY Lawyers Mr Benson Chan Law Firm Booth 3 General knowledge of EPA (Enduring Power of Attorney)
33 CLY Lawyers Mr Ken Yu Law Firm    
34 CLY Lawyers Mr Derek Cheng Law Firm    
35 CLY Lawyers Ms Alvina Suen Law Firm    
36 CLY Lawyers Mr Bernard Tang Law Firm    
37 Guest of CLY Lawyers Ms Crystal Ng      
38 Guest of CLY Lawyers Ms Cynthia Lau      
39 Guest of CLY Lawyers Dr Leung Wai Ching      
40 Contex Digital Mr Danny Lau Electronic Manufacturer    
41 D. Mondo Ltd Mr Samson Yu Interior Design    
42 Dulce Ms Candy Wong Jewellery    
43 EBZ Mr Philip Ng Business Services    
44 E-ConNET Ltd Mr Jack Lam ERP Producer    
45 eHealth Channel Mr Kelvin Chan Health Media    
46 Elite Charitable Ms Anne Chen Charity Foundation    
47 EverMind Ms Carmen Wong Marketing & Production    
48 Friend Label Mr Jeffa Leung Design Consultants    
49 Full Charter Mr Benny Lo Exhibition    
50 Full Charter Mr Karl Du Exhibition    
51 Golden Emperor Ms Alice Lee International Property    
52 GOnJOIN Mr Anthony Li 資訊共享平台    
53 G.Guard Mr Patrick Mak Car coating    
54 Halls Co., Ltd. Mr Kicky Ho Retail    
55 Healthloc Ms Alice Wong Healthcare Booth 4 Wellness, Beauty and Therapy
56 Healthloc Ms Tracy Lim Healthcare    
57 Healthloc Tanya Chou Healthcare    
58 Guest of Healthloc Mr Wun Suen      
59 Guest of Healthloc Ms Yuki Chan      
60 Guest of Healthloc Dr Delex Chan      
61 Guest of Healthloc Mr William Lau      
62 Guest of Healthloc Mr William C. Avedon      
63 Guest of Healthloc Dr Ludovic Kendal      
64 Guest of Healthloc Mr Richard Au      
65 Heat2Wear Mr Wilson Tam Rar Infrared Therapy product    
66 Hepatic Spa Mr Noal Lam Alternative non traumatic therapy    
67 HerbalHeal Ms Sindy Hun Medical Services    
68 HKETA Mr Victor Choi Chairman    
69 HKETA Ir Victor Ng Honorary Chairman    
70 HK Patent Exchange Dr K K Chan Patent    
71 HK Travel Box Mr Veronica Fung Travel    
72 Integration-Linkage Mr Myron Kwan Embedded System    
73 Intershores Ms Ganesha Leung Financial Services    
74 ISIA Mr CW Kong Trade Association    
75 JingWo Global Sources Mr Toku Ng 建材供應商    
76 Koala Pest Control Mr Simon Lee Pest Control    
77 Kowloon Technical School Mr Hui Yee Kwok Information Technology    
78 labspacex Mr KaKi Design & Technology    
79 Legislative Councillor Hon Charles Mok      
80 Lunar Master Mr Alex Kwok LED Lighting Supplier    
81 M800 Mr Kevin Lau Communication Booth 5 M800 Communication SDK Suite
82 M800 Mr Ken Hui Communication    
83 M800 Mr Jerry Chan Communication    
84 M800 Ms Vian Tan Communication    
85 M800 Ms Sabrina Wang Communication    
86 nwStor Mr Ken Yu      
87 nwStor Mr Chan Yiu Ng      
88 Arrow Asia Mr Raymond Poon      
89 Magarita Co Ltd Mr Jonathan Leung Security Products    
90 Micom Tech Mr Manuel Kwong IoT and Embedded System    
91 Midland IC&I Mr Danny Ng Property    
92 Mobicon Mr Marcel Cheung Information Technology    
93 Mobicon Mr Andy Chan Information Technology    
94 Mobicon Mr Ryan Hung Information Technology    
95 NAMI Ms Rebecca Ho R&D Booth 8 1. Printed Heater 2. Printed Pressure Sensor 3. iLED display
96 Guest of NAMI Dr Matthew Man      
97 Guest of NAMI Mr Henry Kan      
98 Guest of NAMI Mrs Kan      
99 Guest of NAMI Mr Ting Ming Hing      
100 NAMI Dr Vincent Li R&D    
101 NAMI Dr Tracy Liu R&D    
102 NAMI Dr Ellie Fu R&D    
103 NAMI Dr Frank Zhu R&D    
104 NAMI Mr Parco Wong R&D    
105 Guest of NAMI Mr Andrew Fung      
106 NAMI   R&D    
107 Nexsoft Technology Mr Eric Poon Information Technology    
108 Nextus Technologies Ms Tina Wong Information Technology    
109 nuu Mobile Ms Annie Law Consumer Electronic    
110 Omura Property Ms Yan Leung Property    
111 One Stretching Ms Viyan Leung Stretching Coach    
112 On Talent Tech Mr Mark Li FinTech    
113 Professional Production Mr Eric Chan Design    
114 Ray Electronics Mr Cyril Kan Electronic Technology    
115 Remotec Technology Mr Daniel Chun Technology solutions provider Booth 6 Chubu WiFi to IR Extender Kokoremo (ここリモ) & Conexum URC
116 Remotec Technology Mr Matthew Wong Technology solutions provider    
117 Remotec Technology Mr Sariel Chin Technology solutions provider    
118 Remotec Technology Mr Peter Ho Technology solutions provider    
119 Remotec Technology Mr Nelson So Technology solutions provider    
120 Remotec Technology Mr Eric Kwok Technology solutions provider    
121 Remotec Technology Ming Technology solutions provider    
122 Remotec Technology Mr Ringo Cheng Technology solutions provider    
123 Sanwa Technologies Mr Alaric Yim Technologies    
124 Sanwa Technologies Mr Alvin Yim Technologies    
125 Sanwa Technologies Mr Eric Hanel Technologies    
126 Scanwell Mr IrvinTse Logistic Booth 7 “智慧貿易方案” (Smart Trade Solutions)
127 Scanwell Ms Jence Wong Logistic    
128 Scanwell Mr Timothy Ng Logistic    
129 Scanwell Ms Becky Leung Logistic    
130 Scanwell Mr Jeffrey Tang Logistic    
131 Scanwell Mr Leo Chan Logistic    
132 Scanwell Mr Ken Wong Logistic    
133 Scanwell Ms Shiane Li Logistic    
134 Sun Life Hong Kong Ms Alice Wong MPF & Financial Services    
135 Titan Combat Limited Mr Titan Lam Medical Technology    
136 True potential International Ms Ivy Chan Cellular Nutrition    
137 Valence Tech Mr Aaron Lai Electronics Manufacturing    
138 VAT IT (HK) Ltd. Ms Kathy Man Overseas VAT refund service    
139 VGI Mr Anthony Chan 茅台酒批發銷售    
140 VGI Ms Whitney Wong Uniform manufacturer    
141 Wiseman International Ms Bik Lee Product Listing & Promotion    
142 WrapaTech Plus Mr Eddie Chung Wraptech    
143 You Find Ltd Mr Jeffrey Chu Marketing Agency    
144 You & Me co. Mr Gordon Hung Personal Gifts    
  Booth 1: ALP Creation is a reputable Bags, gifts and premium supplier based in Hong Kong. We provide “One Stop” service from design to manufacturing to our customers. Our products and service quality are acknowledged by our promising customers such as the Hong Kong Jockey Club, PCCW, Maryknoll Convent School, and other notable brands in Europe such as FOCUS BIKE, BLISS…etc
With supports from our strong design and manufacturing teams, we respond quickly and react proactively to any enquiry from our valuable customers.
Our core competences:
- Professional product knowledge and exceptional service
- Competitive Price
- Outstanding quality
- Prompt and accurate delivery
  Booth 2: BISA- PECG: HC3A250 is a miniature ECG design for personal use (PECG). HC3A250 has internal memory large enough to record up to 480 hours ECG data. HC3A250 also design with automatic detection of heart beat stop and panic button. Relatives and care takers will be alerted by sound and (SMS) message when event happened.
The HC3A250 is supported by cloud server, mobile App from Bisa. Integration of other medical devices are also under way. The Bisa system provides most advance ECG diagnostic function with AI diagnostic for instant report, and full report from doctors of top research hospital.
  Booth 3: What is an Enduring Power of Attorney? According to the Enduring Powers of Attorney Ordinance (Cap.501 of the Laws of Hong Kong), an enduring power of attorney (EPA) allows its donor (the person who wishes to give his/her power of attorney to someone), while he/she is still mentally capable, to appoint an attorney(s) to take care of the donor’s financial matters in the event that he/she subsequently becomes mentally incapacitated. While a general power of attorney will cease to be effective if one becomes mentally incapacitated, an EPA will “endure” the donor’s mental incapacity and give the attorney the power to continue the donor’s financial affairs despite such incapacity. In light of the growing population of the elderly and an increasing number of cases of dementia in Hong Kong, the EPA is of special significance.
  Booth 4: Healthloc is a b2b and b2c platform for wellness and holistic therapy. Founded by a group of experienced wellness practitioners with the understanding of technology and the need of modern lifestyles, it has a range of unique products and services:
Accredited training
Event and class planning
Interdisciplinary partnership
Tools and products
Healthloc aims to bridge the gap between science and complementary treatments, providing the busy city-dweller an alternative solution to achieve balance.
  Booth 5: M800 - The M800 Communication SDK Suite leads the region’s IoT growth in communication. The host of solutions - voice, video, messaging, conference call and verification SDKs connect some of the largest IoT products today - from surveillance cameras, connected cars, and children wearables. This whole solution is built upon M800 Limited technology and global network infrastructure, and supported with strict service quality and guaranteed SLA - the same features that are demanded by top financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies today.
  Booth 6: Remotec - Chubu WiFi to IR Extender Kokoremo (ここリモ)
Due to the electricity supply liberalization policy (電力自由片) in Japan, One of the biggest electricity supplier - Chubu Electric Power Inc. (中部電力) is a pioneer that introduce Smarthome IoT control as a part of service along with supplying electricity for their end-users.
As an expert in Infrared control and home automation, Remotec became the development partner and supplier of Chubu Kokoremo project, providing them full stack service including: Hardware design & manufacturing, IoT Cloud structure building, IR codes library and Software development support. This product /service is selling 4k a month in Japan and still going hot.

Conexum URC
Conexum is an easy to build / soft gateway home automation Eco system developed by Remotec Technology Ltd.
The first product of this brand – Conexum URC, is a Smart IoT product combine the use of Smartphone App and the remote controller unit.
Conexum URC aim to improve traditional URC with our 24x7 ready-to-download IR code library and an easy to use mobile apps with “Smart Search” method.
Conexum URC allow users to control up to 4 different AV devices and will bring a whole new URC experience for their users.
  Booth 7: “智慧貿易方案” (Smart Trade Solutions): 智慧貿易方案由隸屬於獅威物流的安貿國際推出,為企業支援提供一站式管理服務、當中包括全方位商貿文書支援,控制經營成本,處理日常商貿操作;訂單預付計劃,提供信用額為貨款進行預付;以及業務拓展計劃,提供不同渠道助您開拓新市場。
  Booth 8: NAMI - Collaboration between HKETA and NAMI are always close. There was a platform project on printed technologies (Oct 2016-Jan2018) with 3 HKETA members: o Musical Electronics Limited, o Mega Link Technology Limited and o Micom Tech Limited In our booth, we have showcased the 3 prototypes: printed heater, printed pressure sensor, as well as iLED display. The development of low-cost printing of full-feature electronics, and from electronic devices integrated into novel systems or form factors can help industry to explore new market opportunities. In the meantime, there will be a NAMI Showcase to be held from Sept 3 -7. 11 awarded technologies and 19 ready-to-market technological products in our five market sectors will be presented. HKETA members are welcome to join us.