Visit to Hong Kong Productivity Council


This visit is nearly FULL HOUSE! Thanks for joining us!

Program rundown:





Guests arrive at the main entrance of HKPC Building


Introduction of HKPC’s R & D projects


Tour HKPC’s key industry support


Inno Space

A platform to help startups and makers turn their innovative ideas into industrial designs, prototypes and products through technical support and knowledge sharing, subsequently to nurture a startup ecology and facilitate re-industrialization in Hong Kong.


Reliability Testing Centre

The Centre provides components, Printed Circuit Board and PCB assembly reliability test. The Reliability Testing Centre has been accredited by Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) under the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation scheme (HOKLAS) for specific activities as listed in HOKLAS Directory of Accredited Laboratories.


Electromagnetic Compatibility Centre

As an independent testing laboratory, the EMC Centre offers full compliance testing services according to various national/regional standards, as well as pre-compliance testing to assist manufacturers to achieve compliance during the design stage.


3D Printing One

The first one-stop 3D printing support centre in Hong Kong, which aims to promote the understanding and adoption of 3D printing technology to different industry sectors, enterprises, professional, education bodies and the general public.


Smart Industry One

The centre demonstrates the operation of "Industry 4.0" smart factory in one hub. It aims to promote the core technologies and operation of smart production to the public.


The Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems (APAS) R&D Centre

The Centre aims to enhance the capabilities and competitiveness of Hong Kong's automotive parts and accessory systems industry, which is made up of different industry sectors including the foundation industries.


Wrap up meeting & Group Photo


End of Visit



  Name Company Name
1 Mr Victor Choi Chairman
2 Ir Victor Ng Honorary Chairman
3 Mr Charles Lau Energy Saving Lighting
4 Mr Gary Chan Cypress Semiconductor
5 Dr Teresa Law Akos Advanced
6 Mr Franklin Chan ABC Engineering
7 Mr Manuel Kwong Micom Tech
8 Mr K K Hau Akos Advanced
9 Mr Benny Lo Full Charter
10 Mr Tom Siu Hongfa
11 Ms Grace Siu Instructor - HKUST
12 Mr. Jonny Lo Career Advisor - HKUST
13 Lau Chin Wong HKUST
14 Kaye Wu Suffice Industrial Technology Ltd
15 Mr Horace Siu Hongfa Electroacoustic (HK) Co Ltd
16 Danny Lau Express Luck / Contex
17 Philip Chan BISA Technologies
18 Richard Leung Micom Tech Ltd.
19 Mr Stapler Li MiniLogic Device
20 Ms Monica Leung Blueinno Technology Limited
21 Mr Wun Suen iSolution Technologies Limited
22 Ms Eva Yeung HKETA Admin Executive
23 Mr George Kui Ackuis Technology Limited
24 Ms Lecky Lau New Town Medical Group
25 Chokey Lam HKT Limited
26 Lui Kwan Yau HKT Limited
27 John Ma HKT Limited
28 Eric Tso HKT Limited