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JULY Networking Dinner "Connected Living"


HKETA JULY Networking Dinner

Date:  July 28, 2017 (Fri)
Time:  7:15pm registration + networking  |  7:30pm  program + dinner  |  9:30pm end of the event
Venue:  4/F, Federal Palace Restaurant, 363-373 Nathan Road, Jordan

Supporting Organisation:  Hong Kong IoT Alliance

More than 60 members and friends attend out JULY Networking dinner on July 28, 2017.
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Program includes:

7:15pm:  registration and networking
7:30pm:  Welcome speech by
Ir Victor Ng, Chairnan of HKETA
Dr Ernest Lo, President of Hong Kong IoT Alliance
Mr Andrew Ip, ICT Sub-com Co-Chairman of HKETA

7:35pm:  Dinner starts

8:00pm:  Talk 1
"A city with less wait"
Ken Law, Co-Founder and CEO, MotherApp Ltd
Ken Law witnessed firsthand that a company can make money and contribute to society at the same time. After earning his MS degree at Stanford, he joined Google as the first group of interns and became a full-time employee in 2000. While at Google, Ken developed a patented algorithm to find related pages. In 2007, Ken returned to Hong Kong and started MotherApp, a mobility consulting and development agency with a core belief that their work should help people's daily lives one app at a time. In 2017, MotherApp launched the PowerArena platform to bring intelligence to physical places.

8:20pm:  Talk 2
"The Story of a Thermometer"
Dr Ernest Lo, Founder and CEO, Future Impact Lab Limited

Ernest founded Future Impact Lab with like-minds from Google, HP, and Dell and dedicated himself to driving executable innovations for social good with empathy and technologies. The firm is currently co-developing an empathy-driven energy management platform with a world-leading HVAC solution company. Ernest was previously ex-CEO of the HK operation of a Catalonian R&D telecom institution, Croucher Postdoc Fellow at Stanford University, and awardee of several IEEE Best Paper Awards.
IoT portraits a new era of connected living where evangelists are imagining cool applications based on innovative sensors. On the other hand, thermometer is an ordinary sensor probably available in everyone's home and office. In this talk, we would like to share how potential billion-dollar businesses can be unleashed with such an ordinary sensor when it is "IoT-transformed".

8:40pm:  Talk 3
"IoT need Security?  How we give assurance to our public safety"

Our city development is more and more computerized day by day, the using of IoT device is became common all over our living environment.  But how we give the security assurance to our IoT environment? If there are threat can we against it?  Welcome to our new world, the world of smart criminal.
Ronald Pong, CEO, Nexusguard Consulting Limited
Ronald is an Information Security Professional who has 21 years of experience in the industry. His expertise includes Information Security Management, Compliance Audit, Computer Forensics, Anti-Hacking, Training and Classical Cryptographer. Ronald’s outstanding track record in Information Technology has helped enhance the reputations of organizations in International Banking, Finances, Government, Education, Manufacturing and Law’s Enforcement in the Great China region.

9:00pm  upcoming events
9:30pm  end of the event



  Company Name Name Business Nature Table #
1 Accuver Farbi Testing Solution 1
2 Ardent Sage Ms Toreay Chan IT Consultancy 1
3 BBPOS Mr Alex Choi Fin-Tech 1
4 Big Data Architect Mr Wilfred Lee Big Data 1
5 ISIA Mr C W Kong IT Services 1
6 Challenger Auto Service Mr Martin Kwok Auto Service 1
7 MotherApp Mr Ken Law IoT Technology 1
8 e-Business Solutions Mr Johnson Yim IoT Consulting 1
9 Nexusguard Consulting Mr Ronald Pong IoT Device 1
10 Remotec Technology Mr Daniel Chun Technology Development 1
11 HK IoT Alliance Dr Ernest Lo IoT Technology 1
12 HKETA Ir Victor Ng HKETA Chairman 1
13 Ackuis Technology Mr George Kui Manufacturing Technology 2
14 iSolution Technologies Mr Victor Choi Consumer Electronics 2
15 M800 Mr Ben Quah Communication 2
16 Micom Tech Mr Manuel Kwong Embedded System 2
17 Challenger Auto Service Mr Ringo Lee Auto Service 2
18 NTT Com Asia Mr Eddie Lee Telecommunication 2
19 Full Charter Mr Benny Lo Exhibition 2
20 Remotec Technology Mr William Yuen Technology Development 2
21 HANC Design Ms Agnus Ngai Design 2
22 HK IoT Alliance Mr K T Yung HKIOTA Advisor 2
23 Top Honor Seafood Ms Jess Wong Food and Catering 2
24 HongFa Electroacoustic Mr Tom Siu Electrical manufacturing 3
25 Armitage Technologies Mr Alvin Lee Information Technology 3
26 IBS Research Mr William Lai POS System 3
27 Big Data Architect Dr Peter Kwan Big Data 3
28 Cree Hong Kong Mr Eric Chan Lighting Technology 3
29 Cwlinux Limited Mr Andrew Ip IoT and M2M Technology 3
30 Nexsoft Technology Mr Eric Poon Design Technology 3
31 DMODO Mr Samson Yu Design 3
32 Energy Savings Mr Charles Lau Product Development 3
33 RST Cloud (HK) Mr Kevin Lau Information Technology 3
34 Super Sonic Mr Frederic Yim Communication 3
35 Symantec Mr Morpheus Cheung Information Technology 3
36 ABC Engineering Mr Franklin Chan Engineering 4
37 HKPC Mr Derek Poon Training 4
38 HKT Mr Kewell Wu Telecommunication 4
39 HKT Mr Chris Chan Telecommunication 4
40 Akos Advanced Dr Teresa Law Green Technology 4
41 Minilogic Device Mr Stapler Li IC Design 4
42 Nexsoft Technology Mr Raymond Wong Design Technology 4
43 Fuk Yat International Mr Tommy Lo Information Technology 4
44 Full Charter Mr Karl Du Exhibition 4
45 SageDigits Mr Arthur Chan Big Data 4
46 Ray Electronics Mr Henry Kan Electronic Technology 4
47 Ray Electronics Mrs Maria Kan Electronic Technology 4
48 HKT Mr Alex Tsang Telecommunication 5
49 HKT Mr Theo Ho Telecommunication 5
50 Ardent Sage Ms Phoebe Fan IT Consultancy 5
51 Infrasys International Mr Danny Ng Software Technology 5
52 Cell Technology Mr Derek Lee Network & Security Technology 5
53 Remotec Technology Mr Sariel Chin Technology Development 5
54 Remotec Technology Mr Pom Yeung Technology Development 5
55 HK Ubiquitious Intelligent Dr Jack Yao Product Manufacturing 5
56 TesTime Limited Mr Eleph Kwong Information Technology 5
57 Zetakey Solutions Mr Jack Wong Embedded Software 5
58 WT Microelectronics Ms Ann Tai IC Trading 5
59 A&A Solution (China) Mr Alan Yeung Industrial Automation 6
60 Friend Label Mr Jeffa Leung Design Consultants 6
61 HK Patent Exchange Dr K K Chan Patent 6
62 Professional Printing Mr David Wong Printing 6
63 HKETA salina ng Admin Executive 6
64 Wise Ally Mr Kevin Tang Technology Integration & Manufacturing 6
65 VISEO Mr Oleg Kubrakov Internet Technologies 6
66 Arrow Asia Pac. Mr Henry Cheung IoT Solution 6
67 El Arte del Vino Dr Kevin So Wine 6
68 Akos Advanced Mr George Chan Green Technology 6
69 Chinese Medicine Doctor Ms Sindy Hun Medical 6