Executive Committee

  • Vice Chairman and Material/Green/Healthcare Sub-com Chairman 副主席兼物料環保醫療委員會主席

    Mr. William Yim   嚴惠霖先生

    Academic / Professional Qualifications:
    2010 - Master of Art, Practical Philosophy, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
    1986 - Ordinary Certificate / High Cert in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic
    1979 - Diploma in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Maryknoll Technical Secondary School

    2012 - Hong Kong Award for Industry, Consumer Product Design, Seashell Universal Waterproof Camera Housing
    1991 - Hong Kong Governor’s Award for Industry, Equipment Design, Certificate of merit, Solitaire Plus Five Enhanced Multiline Centrex Feature Set
    1990 - Hong Kong Governor’s Award for Industry, Equipment Design Award, Solitaire Plus Five Enhanced Multiline Centrex Feature Set

    Working Experience:
    2012~present - Chairman, Sanwa BioTech Ltd
    2009~present - President and Chief Designer, Zear Corporation Ltd
    1993~present - President, Sanwa Technologies Ltd
    1991~1993 - President, Solitaire Technologies Corporation Ltd
    1985~1991 - Director, American Tec Co. Ltd
    1986~1991 - Managing Director, D&S Telecommunication Ltd
    1986~1991 - Director, Solitaire Telecommunications Corp (USA)
    1983~1991 - Director, D&S Industries

    2001 - BGA 裝配和錫漿檢查 -  表面貼裝世界雜誌 2001年6月第三期
    2001 - A Flexible Laser Via Drilling System – PCB Technology and Information Conference in Autumn, Zhuhai, China
    1998 - Industrial Laser Drilling Technology for Printed Wiring Board – Printed Circuits & Surface Mounting Magazine Issue No. 5,

    Social Activities:

    • President, Hong Kong Critical Component Manufacturers Association; 2009 to present
    • Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Electronics and Technologies Association; 1998 to present
    • Deputy Chairman, Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries; 2009 to present
    • Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Brand Protection Alliance; 2012 to present
    • Vice President, Hong Kong Opto-Mechatronics Industry Association; 2010 to present
    • Executive Committee Member, Hong Kong Practical Philosophy Association; 2009 to present
    • Executive Committee Member, Hong Kong Mold and Product Technology Association; 2010 to present
    • Member of the Manufacturing Technology (Tooling, Metal and Plastic) Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC), Education Bureau, Government of the Hong Kong SAR, China; 2011 to present
    • Rotarian, Executive Committee Member (Young Generation) Rotary District 3450, Taipo Rotary Club, Category: Manufacturing Solution; 2012 to present
    • Member, Faculty of Science Advisory Committee, Hong Kong Baptist University

    Other Activities:

    • Chairman, ILaCoS Asia 2013 International Laser and Coating Symposium
    • Chairman, ISL Asia 2011 International Symposium on Laser Micro Processing, 2011
    • Chairman, ISL Asia 2009 International Symposium on Laser Micro Processing, 2009
  • Honorary Secretary and Administration Sub-com Chairman 名譽秘書及行政委員會主席

    Mr. Myron Kwan   關文龍先生

    Mr. Kwan Man Lung, Myron, obtained his B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Hong Kong in 1991 and Master Degree of Business Administration from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 1998.

    In 1994, he founded Integration Limited, which has been providing Embedded Software and Micorcontrollers for Toys and Electronic Game manufacturers for more than 19 years, and was awarded “The Best SME 2008”.

    He has joined Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association since 2008 and is Vice Chairman and Chairman of Activities and Events Sub-committee for 2014/15. He also serves Rotary Club of Hong Kong Financial Center since 2010. He is appointed as member of Electronics and Telecommunications Training Board (ECTB) under the Vocational Training Council (VTC) in 2014.

  • HonoraryTreasurer and Finance Sub-com Chairman 名譽司庫兼財務委員會主席

    Mr. KK Hau   候經權先生

    Mr. Hau has been in the civil service for thirty years, working in the Hong Kong Government Standards and Calibration Laboratory in setting up and managing Hong Kong’s primary reference laboratories, and then in the Innovation and Technology Commission in support to the administration of the Innovation and Technology Fund.


    With experience in high precision measurements, Mr. Hau has been serving as a technical assessor of the calibration and testing laboratories under the HOKLAS (Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme).

    An electronics hobbyist since school days, Mr. Hau has innovated a number of electronic circuit topologies for power control applications, such as those for LED driving and dimming.  So far he has been granted / filed eight patents.

    Mr. Hau obtained his first degree B Sc Eng and then M Phil, both in electronics engineering, from the University of Hong Kong. Being an enthusiast in alternative medicine and medical electronics, he has also obtained Advanced Certificates in Human Physiology and Nutrition from the University of Hong Kong.