Executive Committee

  • Vice Chairman and Youth & Startup Sub-com Chairman 副主席兼青年及初創委員會主席

    Mr. Derek Lee   李少榮先生

    With 20+ years of telecommunication network development experience in former Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) and regional business development & technical experiences for APAC regions in two former US Silicon-Valley technology corporations: Premisys Communication (a network tecnhology provider in Fremont, pioneered to design and develop broadband network integrated access technology) in 1996 and Amplify.net (a network technology start-up in Fremont, specialized to design and develop Quality of Service (QoS) and Multi-Homing technology for Internet broadband network) in 2000.


    Derek has a very strong acumen in managing and developing new networking technology, business and service in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) industry.  He also served as a Technology Consultant in a public-listed Japanese networking company and Regional Sales Director in two US-based optical network technology corporations (Metrobility Inc and Telco Systems) from 2003 to 2006 for APAC regions.  Derek currently is managing Cell Technology, a Hong Kong technology company specializing in design, develop and deliver ICT network product solution.

    Derek holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering with First Class Honor from City University of Hong Kong specializing in Microwave Communication & Telecomunication Engineering under Hong Kong Telecom’s professional engineering scholarship scheme.  He is member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).   He is currently Vice Chairman and Youth Chairman of Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association (HKETA).  


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  • Vice Chairman and Advanced Manufacturing Sub-com Chairman 副主席兼先進製造科技委員會主席

    Mr. Lawrence Li   李日生先生

    Co-Chairman, Advanced Manufacturing Subcommittee

    CEO of Concord Technology Limited providing ATE/ICT for 28 years;


    2013: Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Machinery and Machine Tools Design Certificate Merit

    2011:China"s National High-tech Enterprise

    2010: Shenzhen"s Outstanding Software Product

    2009: Hong Kong Awards for Industries; Machinery and Machine Tools Design Certificate of Merit

    2008: China SMT Innovation Award: Guangdong and Sichuan Electronics Institute SMT committee

     2007: Guangdong Electronic Institute SMT Committee elected Mr. Lawrence Li as Council Member.

    2006: Shenzhen Software Association appointed Concord Technology Ltd as company Council Member.

    1998: HKITCC Certificate of Merit in Technological Achievement from the Hong Kong Awards for Industry

    1997: CMA Certificate of Merit in Machinery and Equipment Design from the Hong Kong Awards for Industry

    1996: CMA design Award in Machinery & Equipment from the Hong Kong Awards for Industry

    1995: Successful to have Hong Kong Government’s Research and Development Fund

    1994: CMA design Award in Machinery & Equipment from the Governor‘s Award for Industry

    1992: CMA design Award in Machinery & Equipment from the Governor‘s Award for Industry

    1991: Company Group Certificate of Merit of 4th Hong Kong Electronics Design Competition

  • Vice Chairman and Training Sub-com Chairman 副主席兼訓練委員會主席

    Ir. Dr. Aaron Tong   唐偉國博士

    Principal Consultant

    A. Education, Training and Professional Affiliations


    Qualification / Professional Affiliation


    The HK Awards for Industry: Quality

    External Assessor (1999-2001)


    City University of Hong Kong - Dept. of Sys. Engg. & Engg. Mgt.

    Visiting Lecturer & Industrial Advisor (2003-2015)


    The University of Hong Kong

    Part time Lecturer (2008-)


    Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association (HKETA)

    Vice Chairman (2012- Present)


    American Society for Quality



    Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ)

    Chairman (2000-2003)


    The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers - MIE Division

    Chairman (2005-2007)


    The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers – MIE-DAP Chairman

    Chairman (2010-2013)


    The Hong Kong Association for The Advancement of Science and Technology (HKAAST)

    President (2006-2007)


    Institute of Industrial Engineer (IIE) HK Chapter

    President (1998-1999)


    The University of Hong Kong - Industrial Engineering Association

    Chairman (1997-1999)


    The HK University of Science and Technology

    Guest Lecturer


    Asia International Open University (Macau)

    Guest Lecturer


    Six Sigma Society of Hong Kong

    Industrial Advisor


    American Society for Quality (ASQ)

    Approved Trainer for 6 Sigma Black Belt Course


    ISO Technical Committee

    Observer in the ISO Technical Committee TC 176: Quality management and quality assurance


    Hong Kong Quality Management Association



    Great China Leapfrog Teaching Foundation

    Vice Chairman


    Guangdong-HK Association for the Promotion of Technology Enterprise (HK) Ltd

    Chairman (2013-present)


    The Government of the HKSAR-VTC, Electronics and Telecommunications Training Board

    Vice Chairman (2012-2014 June)


    Hong Kong Critical Components

    Manufacturers Association Ltd.

    International Liaison sub-com. Chairman (2011-present)



    Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies-Expert Review Panel member Jan.2013 to Dec.2016




    • The founder, Managing Director and Principal Consultant of the TQM CONSULTANTS CO. LIMITED, Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG, is well experienced in the consultancy profession. He worked at Silicon Valley of USA. During his tenure, he had worked with many Tier 1 Companies like IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems, Cisco.
    • For over 25 years, Dr. TONG has conducted management system certification consultancy, business improvement, process re-engineering, benchmarking and total quality management projects covering various business sectors - servicing, manufacturing, public/NGO and multi-national corporations.
    • Dr. TONG has personally led and conducted consultancy services for various government departments, NGOs and public utilities such as the Architectural Services Department, Civil Aviation Department, Civil Engineering & Development Department, Drainage Services Department, Water Supplies Department, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong Judiciary, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, HACTL, etc. Under Dr. TONG’s guidance, TQM owns about 70% the HKSAR Government Management System (Certification, i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 etc.) Consultancy market share; and participates in feasibility studies for major decisions & business improvement endeavours; and facilitates staff opinion surveys of various Government Departments.