Executive Committee

  • Chairman 主席

    Mr. Victor Choi   蔡劍誠先生

    Mr. Victor Choi worked with Toshiba Electronics Asia Ltd. since 1986 with experience for offices in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

    In 2005, Mr. Choi left Toshiba and founded iSolution Technologies Limited (iST) and is currently the Managing Director. iST is a technology company focusing on display products development and Power Management Device distribution.

    He joined Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association as an Exco member since 2008 and as Vice Chairman in 2012-2015, and was elected as the Deputy Chairman for 2016-2017. He was the Chairman of the Membership Subcommittee of HKETA since 2012.


  • Deputy Chairman and Activities & Events Sub-com Chairman 常務副主席兼活動委員會主席

    Dr. Teresa Law   羅瑞真博士

    Dr. Teresa LAW, Akos Advanced Technology Limited

    • Graduated from HKUST as a PhD in Chemistry ( major in Nano & Advanced Materials synthesize and application) [Year 2001] ; MPhil in Chemistry (major in Polymer and Materials Science) [Year 1997]
    • Nano-Science Technologist; Director and founder of Akos Advanced Technology Limited since 2002
    • EC member of the Hong Kong Electronics and Technologies Association, since 2009
    • Vetting Committee, Panel Assessor of SERAP, Innovation and Technology Commission, the government of Hong Kong SAR, since 2009
    • Appeal Board Panel, Town Planning, the government of Hong Kong SAR, since 2012
  • Vice Chairman and ICT Sub-com Chairman 副主席兼通訊科技委員會主席

    Mr. Andrew Ip   葉昊軒先生

    Andrew joined HKETA since 2008. As a Co-Chairman of ICT subcom and Honorable Secretary, he is responsible for administration and ICT industry issues of HKETA. His primary goal is to assist HKETA in providing a platform to linkup academia, R&D centers as well as industries in Hong Kong.  Only to ensure more opportunities are created to provide to members of HKETA.

    Andrew started his professional career as CAD engineer in Silicon Valley during mid 1990s. In 1999, he had joined TurboLinux, USA as a software engineer in Linux Distribution development. In 2001, Andrew founded "Cwlinux Limited" which is based in Hong Kong since then.

    With over 20 years experiences in software and embedded system, Andrew has built an engineering team which hosts several world-wide technology focused industrial projects including digital signage, fleet management system, time attendance, RFID and IoT solutions, etc...

    Andrew holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from University of California, Santa Barbara.